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The Military Road  runs North  to South  across  the top  of the Wicklow Mountains and  was built between 1800  and  1809 by the British Army in the wake of the 1798 Rebellion. The road was constructed in order to open up the mountains to the army so that they may hunt  down  insurgents hiding in the hills. Running  from  Rathfarnham in South  County  Dublin  to  Aghavannagh in County  Wicklow,  it was  36  miles long.  Four barracks were built along its route at Glencree, Laragh, Glenmalure and Aghavannagh. The stone bridges which  are  clearly  visable  along  its route are  more  than 200  years  old  and  have  required no  remedial work.  This is a testament to the engineering and construction skills of the Army.

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